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Research centres

Research centres
Bibliothèque universitaire du centre Assas
Research is structured around 5 doctoral schools and 26 research centres

At Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, five Doctoral Schools encompass all 2nd year Masters students and research teams. Their objective is to give both coherence and international visibility to the university's range of PhD programmes. Each doctoral school organises the education of future PhD students and strives to prepare them for their future professional careers. The schools also define the selection criteria for doctoral students and choose amongst them those who will be granted doctoral contracts. 


Graduate School of Private Law (ED 6)

Graduate School Georges Vedel (administrative law, administrative sciences and political science (ED 7)

Graduate School of International Law, European Law, International and Comparative Law (ED 9)

Doctoral School of History of Law, Philosophy of Law and Sociology of Law (ED 8)

Graduate school of economics, management, information and communication (EGIC) (ED 455)

Other structures