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Center for Legal History Studies (CEHJ)

Center for Legal History Studies (CEHJ)
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POINT (2.3596128 48.8598523)
Address : 60 rue des Francs-Bourgeois
75141 Paris cedex 03
Telephone : +33 (0)1 40 27 62 88

The Centre for Legal History Studies (CEHJ) has as its primary purpose the indexing and analysis of the archives of the Parliament of Paris (Series X of the National Archives), which form one of the most important archives of the Ancien Régime, both in volume and in importance, since the Parliament of Paris was the highest court of justice in the Kingdom of France. The analysis of its judicial archives by the CEHJ allows the topics of justice history, legal sources, criminal law, and political history to be explored. The results of this work, made available to lawyers and historians, are complementary to the research tools of the National Archives. The CEHJ and the old section of the National Archives participate together in conferences and study and training days.

P.C. Timbal and J. Metmann's important publications resulting from the exploration of the Parlement's fund include La Guerre de Cent Ans vue à travers les registres du Parlement, 1337-1369 (1961) and Les Obligations contractuelles dans le droit français des XIIIe et XIVe siècles d'après la jurisprudence du Parlement (1973). Furthermore, the development of Thésaurus d'histoire médiévale : documents diplomatiques et judiciaires (1983), enriched by J. Hilaire in 1997, allowed the creation of keyword-organized online databases thanks to its legal vocabulary. The Center continues to publish about the Parlement, extending its researches to 15th-18th century.



  • Olivier DESCAMPS (Director)

The Center for Legal History Studies (CEHJ) is an interdisciplinary research team consisting of university teachers and researchers, as well as CNRS engineers and technicians. It is a joint venture between Paris-Panthéon-Assas University, the CNRS and the Archives de France. Founded in 1953 by Professor Pierre-Clément TIMBAL, CEHJ is now a department of Paris-Panthéon-Assas University. Jean Gaudemet Institute of Legal History, CEHJ is hosted in the premises of the Central Historical Archives at the National Archives in Paris.

Each year, the CEHJ welcomes many researchers, graduate students and professors from France and abroad, who find invaluable documentary resources, methodological advice and a variety of main keys to access the immense collection of the Parliament.