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Accueil - LL.M. programmes - Paris Campus

LL.M. programmes - Paris Campus

LL.M. programmes - Paris Campus
Looking for a LL.M. in Paris? Come and study at France's leading law university. Choose excellence, choose Assas University!

Assas International was created by Paris-Panthéon-Assas University in 2011 to develop and promote its international programmes:

  • 4 campuses around the world
  • 100 000+ alumni worldwide

Assas International aims at preparing the future financial and legal directors, managers of holdings or big companies, or their counsels, to their positions, as well as professionals from all walks of life who need to acquire sound legal knowledge in order to advance their careers and take on new responsibilities.

Paris campus offers 5 LL.M. programmes entirely taught in English:

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Alumni students testimonials

"The LL.M Assas World Arbitration and Disputes Settlement is exceptional. The program delivers International Arbitration in a truly international setting, in Paris, the world’s Seat of Arbitration, by the University Paris-Panthéon-Assas, which is intrinsically tied to the French legal tradition, offering its students the best of both worlds. "

The experience was immensely constructive. Being taught by the means of academic classes dispensed by renowned professors in the field, as well as by leading practitioners was both an honor and a privilege. Practically, the LL.M covers all aspects of International Arbitration, specializing in subjects which are applied for a future career in the field.”

“The LL.M. in European Law as taught at University Panthéon Assas has a unique approach to teaching European Union Law. It dives into the areas of EU law which have the most impact on the economy and the day-to-day life of European citizens, while still keeping the EU’s broader structures and its history in sight."

"The courses are taught by scholars and practitioners from all over Europe, helping the students learn about the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of European Union law. This opportunity is fostered by excursions to the EU institutions, which bring students in touch with all kinds of practitioners involved with Union law and offer a variety of insights for potential future careers.”

“Given my business and law background, an LLM in International business law opened many doors in both the business and legal field. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet many people participating in the program from all over the world. I soon learned that networking is equally valuable to the knowledge gained at the university. A big part in getting hired was due to my educational background, especially an LLM from Sorbonne-Assas International Law School. The name Sorbonne holds great value globally, which gave me a competitive advantage in the recruitment processes.”